Saturday, March 2, 2013

Get this Woman a Glass of Wine Stat!!

I was picking my daughter up from ballet class the other day and the kids were still in the studios while the parents waited outside and I saw a woman sitting there with a little girl throwing a tantrum next to her. Not just any tantrum, but one that every Mother can relate to and I saw the look of desperation on this woman's face and I ran over to her. (I literally ran over to her and I think I might have even pushed someone out of the way in the process.) I don't know this woman, but when I reached her I asked if she had wine in her house and would she be able to pour a glass when she got home. She looked up at me confused at first because as she is trying to tune out her child that is freaking out in epic proportions, "me" the total stranger is asking about wine! She then started to smile and looked relieved and told me she did have wine and that her daughter was going to bed early and she was going to sit and relax with a glass of wine. I talked to her for a few minutes and had her laughing and by this point her daughter had stopped freaking out and was staring at me, wondering who the nut was talking to her Mom. I felt much better as we all left the dance studio and as I got in my car I started to laugh out loud. I am thinking about what a lunatic I am running up to strangers making sure they have wine because I was ready to go get this woman a bottle of wine if she did not have one. I can remember some really bad moments with my kids and feeling so overwhelmed and wishing someone had run to my side offering some kind words, or a smile or to make sure I had a stock of wine in my house!

As I drove home I was thinking about what a nice person I am to be so concerned about my fellow Moms and I had some real talents that I should be sharing. I could be a Super Hero and I started to think of names and costumes, and I could make this huge for all Moms everywhere! I think I would be the "Masked Merlot Mama" and I need to form my Mom Justice League. Who is with me?? I picture Super Hero Moms everywhere covering parks, grocery stores, ballet classes, karate name it! When we hear the whining and crying of a tantrum we know there is a Mom nearby that needs us! I picture running around the corner like Spiderman or Superman and turning in a flash into my "Masked Merlot Mama" with a cool belt that had bottles of wine, openers and glasses :) I need to get the word out to all Moms and when they are in need they need to flash the wine glass in the sky to alert the Moms Justice League!!

Okay I need to get started on my costume and building the Merlot Cave and the Merlot Mobile!! Until next time keep your eyes on the sky!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! :) Just a few weeks ago, I chased a poor mommy of 3 out of church (with Communion still in my mouth half chewed) because I had to tell her how amazing she was to have come out to church on Ash Wednesday all alone with her three little ones in tow. One of which was a brand new baby who was very hungry. There was lots of crying and things that were driving this mommy over the edge, yet she stuck it through right to the very end. My entire family thought I was crazy to go after her, but I felt that I had to offer her words of encouragement. I only wish I had thought to ask her if she had wine at home. When I tapped her shoulder and told her how awesome I thought she was, she immediately began to cry! I felt kinda bad that I made her cry but after our chat, I knew she felt so much better. Somehow, I knew at that moment, after what she endured from those children at that Mass, she needed words of encouragement so I too agree with your superhero idea! And the Merlot is the best one yet!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!