Friday, March 15, 2013

How YOUUUUU Doing??? Wink Wink....

It is a normal Friday night when all the craziness of the week releases with a big deep breath and the relief of knowing I don't have to shower tomorrow morning (yes this excites me) and running in the store to grab a bottle of wine. As I run in to get my liquid therapy, I am waiting in line behind all the other Friday Freedom Warriors when I notice a guy checking me out and I feel myself blushing a little and automatically tossing my hair and trying to act like it is normal to just be this hot and pretend I don't notice the appreciative stare. Okay this is where I let you know that my "hotness" consists of me still wearing my work clothes with my Ugg boots I threw on for total comfort and my 5 year old daughters neon purple head band to pull my hair back and okay I started my Saturday morning no shower rule a day early! So with all that I am still going with my hot image of myself and now I should mention the guy checking me out was slightly older (okay he might have known Jesus) and he might have been missing some teeth and possibly smelled like he napped with a blanket soaked in grain alcohol, but he was checking ME out!! Boo ya!! So I grabbed my wine and walked out the store with a little extra pep in my step. The "I still got it!!" step. The I could have been in one the 80's Whitesnake videos for sure and rocked that scene with flipping my Aquanet soaked hair and acid wash jeans on top of a cherry red corvette. (No I swear I have not started the wine drinking yet..just grabbed my bottle)

So I am now safely inside my car and I start to laugh out loud thinking how silly I am that I honestly was flattered that Grizzly Adams thought I was a fine young Filly. How did this happen? (don't answer that!) How did I go from OMG! really how gross if a less then desirable decided to check me out all the way to..I'll take it! And I will tell myself that I can still rock it!! So life has gone from heading out all young and cute with my friends cramming into a cab over the passenger limits because the driver didn't care transporting hot now being psyched that we can all cram into a minivan that fits us all and heading out for the rare pub crawl! So now when I am thrown a Joey Tribbiani "How YoUUU Doin??" I tuck my hair behind one ear and blush a little..maybe a giggle or two...grab the kids and tell myself "You are still one hot mama!!!" 

Boo Ya!!!

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  1. He might have known Jesus! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Not just because I had two glasses of Pinot Grigio but I am seriously laughing out loud so obnoxiously over that one, that LEO is pissed! :) you kill me!