Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay so Eve ate the apple, but it is okay for Adam to have crumpled up socks?

So this is part two of the Adam and Eve saga. I thought there needed to be a part two because even though a lot of us women blame Eve for eating that apple and throwing us into a lifetime of pain and suffering as women and as Mom's now raising daughters. What about Adam? It seems to me the guy got off pretty easy. What if God told Adam you can have anything you want in this Garden, the Bud Light beer tree, the nachos and wings, the 60 inch plasma TV, unlimited sports name it and it is yours. All I ask is that I never find one crumpled up stiff sock discarded anywhere in my "Garden". Adam would have been evicted Day 1! Especially with Eve running around with just a fig leaf on.

So I joke, but honestly we face the challenge of explaining to our daughters about periods, cramps, tampons, shaving Oh My!! Now boys are a different story. I remember a friend of mine telling me..or warning me when my oldest son was near teenage years, she said "Have you noticed towels missing or have you found any crumpled up socks in his room or under the bed?" I was thinking to myself what an odd question and growing up in a house of girls I had no idea about missing towels and socks. I told her, "No, not yet." And she told me it was a matter of time and said "Avoid the socks and when it starts just tell him to pick up all his own laundry and put it in the washing machine because he is old enough now, and sometimes you won't find any they will just go missing and whatever you do never open his bedroom door without knocking first once he starts closing it all of the time."  I still laugh to this day about her ominous warning, but as a Mom of boys that turn into teenage boys, she was so RIGHT!  So when people say boys are so easy..they are, but good lord there is no way to really prepare a Mom for the crumpled socks.

So my friend had me scared to enter my son's room and collecting laundry was like an episode of "Fear Factor".  I felt like I was waiting for something to happen and I was checking to see if towels were missing and looking under the bed praying I did not find anything. I totally understand that kids go through things and I also know that "It is totally natural to explore ones body" but when it is your baby it is a bit much to think about. So life went on as normal and things did start to change and the bedroom door started to close all the time and the bathroom door was locked always and showers seemed like forever! (I think Teeange boys could be the cause of water shortage problems) So I was armed with the knowledge of crumpled socks and I was prepared for my little boy to enter the world of "I rock because I am a man and have a Penis!" So my Victoria Secret catalogs started to go missing and the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition was no longer  gross but scooped up like "Gold" and cherished. Then "Sock Day" came and I must have let my guard down and forgot and went to collect the laundry and as I was taking the sheets of my son's bed a bunch of socks fell out and I froze, I felt like I should be wearing a Bio hazard suit and I was in the movie Outbreak and had been exposed to something. I gathered everything quick threw it in the wash and that was the last day I collected laundry in his room.

So you have been warned, Eve might have eaten the apple but Adam has some hidden crumpled socks in his Garden!!


  1. Thanks for the warning. I have 3 boys .. oldest is 5 so have a while...but not looking forward to that..

  2. I just found your blog today and I am loving it! I have 2 sons and a daughter, so your blog is easy to relate to. Thanks for the heads up about the missing towels. That would have been a nasty little surprise!