Thursday, February 23, 2012

I stayed at a Holiday Inn last I got this Mother thing..

One of my favorite commercials of all time were the ones for Holiday Inn that had people pretending to be Brain Surgeons or Race Car Drivers and people would ask if they knew what they were doing and they would say "I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night I got this.." That is pretty much how I feel most days as a Mom. There is no license, degree or certification that prepares is pretty much you get thrown in..handed a baby and see you later..Good luck!
So the other day I was helping my son with his homework and he said "Mom do you know what you are doing?" And I replied "I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!" He looked at me like I was crazy, the same look I get most days from all my children, and just shook his head. I laughed because I wanted to say "Of course I have no idea what I am doing!!" What Mom really knows what she is doing or what she is going to face each new day of Motherhood.
We are the new breed of Super Heroes, you might not see the cape, but don't worry it is tucked behind the glamour to protect our identity. We can conquer anything thrown at as. I will never forget after I had my third child I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure I could do it and a good friend of mine said, "Crack addicts with 6 kids do it, of course you can do it!" I laughed and was like, "Not sure if she was trying to make me feel better or worse, but I was like yes I can do this, I am not a crack addict and I will be okay!!"  So when my kid throws a rock for no reason at a strangers shiny BMW in the grocery store parking lot and I say "Hurry up get in the car!!" and we get the Hell out of dodge. (yes we Moms are quick thinkers) Or when your baby has an explosive atomic diaper on an airplane and you have one wipe left in your bag and you manage to clean up 30,000 feet in the air with some sprite and beverage napkins. Nothing will stop us from conquering each day with kids in style and with grace. Yeah right!! So go time your kid knocks over a display at the store, or has a tantrum in public and throws themselves on the ground with everyone staring or your child tells a sweet elderly gentlemen "Stop looking at me old man!" just tell everyone to calm down you got this under control.."People it is okay..I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night I got this!!!" Yes they might think your nuts, but at that point..Do you really care??

So go ahead and enjoy your Super Hero status...

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