Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Can kiss My A*&!

So as if Facebook is not setting the bar high enough for Parents to keep up with their "Perfect Families" and post non-stop sugar coated statements of living on Candy Cane Lane and Sugar Plum Fairies dancing through their houses! Enter my Nemesis.."Pinterest"! I have many friends and family members who have fallen under the spell of Pinterest and were drawn towards the shiny light and are hooked. I personally went on once to see what it was all about and wanted to break out in hives from the overload of perfection and cuteness :) I am not sure how my kids are going to survive with a Mom that does not join the Pinterest family so I decided to check it out again with the help of my friend who is a Pinterest junkie.

Maybe I was wrong about Pinterest...There are endless ideas to help enhance my life on Candy Cane Lane!   So I decided to give it a try and get my pinning on..

How did I ever live without Pinterest and all the nifty ideas that can help me get my Brady Bunch on. So my kids no longer watch their morning cartoons sitting on the couch, but watch them from their new forts I whip up with the old bed sheets and pillows. Then they enjoy a wonderful breakfast of waffles in the shape of Hogwarts School of Wizardry with homemade syrup. As they wait for the bus we make pretend snow cones with the fresh snow from our latest New England storm and make flavors with my homemade food coloring. When they are off to school I head back to the kitchen to throw together one of my 101 crockpot dinner recipes to simmer all day as I work. I am so excited to try my new seasonings and herbs I have growing in my kitchen window with the natural sunlight. I notice all the dog hair I have not had time to vacuum up and remember I can just open the back door and sweep out the hair for the animals to make warm winter nests. I cannot wait to try my new homemade bath scrubs tonight made out of Mint leaves, blueberries and strawberries all crushed up. I grab the scones I made for my coworkers as I run out the door...

Reality check!! Pinterest can kiss my A#$!!! 


  1. This is hysterically funny! I absolutely love the way you write,I love your humor and I can relate to your writing and stories more than any other blog I've read! You said you were happy you found me, well let me tell you, I am THRILLED that you found me because reading your stuff has been the highlight of my morning! xo

  2. I started to panic a little bit as I read that you were in love with Pinterest. Whew! We are still Soul Sisters.
    I. Hate. Pinterest. It's definitely NOT meant to inspire the working mom. Someone needs to let me know if Pinterest starts providing Personal Shoppers and websites that I can order Children's Projects already made that I can turn in for school projects. And microwave meals or printable coupons for fast food restaurants.
    If all of that's there, I haven't found it because it's hidden behind lady bug crafts and recipes with the word "chopped" listed a zillion times or coordinating outfits to wear to places that I obviously don't visit.