Saturday, January 21, 2012

You thought the Santa Card was strong..enter the God card

I was sad to see Santa leave with his magic of the "Santa Card" that was a Mom's best friend during the Holiday Season! I did not think there would be anything close for another year to help me with my very energetic 4 year old daughter! I love when friends of mine see a story on the News about a child taking their parents car for a drive or call 911 and try to order a pizza or anything crazy and they always say "I thought of your daughter!" So nice...but so true....

I was picking my 7 year old son up from Religious Education the other day and he was excitedly telling me about how they made a prayer poster and they were going to pray every night for people. He then told my 4 year old daughter "I am going to pray for you first because you need it!" She looks at him confused and then grabs his poster out of his hands to look at it and they begin to fight..he says "You did not even ask first and that is rude. God will not be very happy with you!" and my 4 year old responds in true fashion "So, I don't care..I don't know God!" And my son responds "Oh he knows you and he is not happy with you!!" My 4 year old starts to look a little nervous but still holding her tough ground  not backing down, but I can see her little mind thinking for a minute. I could tell she was trying to see if her brother was telling the truth. It is the same look she gets when her brothers tell her they are going to tell Dad she has been bad. My daughter is one tough cookie but she does not want her Daddy, Nana or Santa to ever think she has done anything has God been added to that list? We get home and my son hangs his poster in his room and I see my daughter hovering close by to look at it but does not want anyone else to see she is interested or cares. She then asks me "Mom is God mad at me?" I tell her "Of course not!! He loves you no matter what, he never gets mad at anyone..he just wants everyone to be nice and it is okay to make mistakes..we are all human." She smiles and runs off happy and I think my kids are so lucky not to be raised like my sisters and I with everything ending with the possibility of flames licking your heels!

So I think back to my Catholic School days with the nuns and priests and if I had asked that same question it would have probably gone something like this "Is God made at me?" and I would have been told "Yes he is always mad and you need to think of what you have done wrong and what you can do better and you do not want to burn in the eternal flames and why don't you start with 10 Hail Mary's and ask for forgiveness and on and on." Boy do kids have it so good today! Everything is so cute and sweet and their God now is so loving and never gets mad:)

I was putting laundry away a little later and I notice my son's bedroom door is closed so I open it just a bit to make sure he is okay but I find my 4 year old daughter sitting in front of his prayer poster talking so I listen quietly "I don't know who you are but I wanted to let you know that I am good and my brothers are the ones who start everything and I think you should watch them, Thanks and I hope you have a good day. And if I could have a new doll that would be great!" I had to leave because I could not stop laughing and I love how she thinks this God character is Santa's father and she could not wait until nobody is looking to throw her brothers under the bus and run them over and make sure everyone including God knows that she is a sweetheart!!

She leaves the room and I go in to put the laundry away and I look at the cute prayer poster my son made and I make sure nobody is watching as I say a little prayer "So if you could make sure my kids behave tonight and go to bed without a fight and my house ends up spotless and a glass of wine is waiting for me that would be great! Amen!"

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