Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions out the Window Day One!

Happy *&%^$#@(*&^^ New Year!! One of my favorite sayings is that "I was a great Mom before I had kids!" I heard this again recently and I laugh every time I hear it because it so true! Kids make it so hard for us Mom's and Dad's to be the best we can be because they drive us insane!! 

So it is another New Year and I had my list of resolutions and was so excited to greet the New Year full of endless possibilities and hope! I was going to get back to working out again which totally disappeared with the arrival of the Holidays and work on being a better Mom (this makes the list every year) be more patient, less yelling....wait a minute...back it up...put this in reverse..What am I thinking every year?? It is mission impossible!! Do I honestly forget that I have three kids that have made it their New Year's resolutions to sabotage mine!

So I still awake with my clean slate and start working on those resolutions with all the positive energy I can muster. I decide to start a work out video instead of going to the gym so I can be done and start the day with my kids. Again these ideas always seem good at first. So as I navigate my way into the high energy world of Cardioke which is hip hop Cardio and singing (which neither I can do) but decide I will give it my all and stay determined! Just as I am into my first five minutes my kids and the dog decide to come in and watch me. Of course. So the questions begin.."What are you doing? You look funny! Are you sure you are doing this right?" I try so hard to ignore them, but to no avail. I tell them.."Mommy needs to work out, let me finish and then we will plan our day!" They leave but my blind diabetic dog stays and is trying to figure out what is going on with all of the jumping and singing and sudden movements all over the living room. He probably thought I was having a seizure and so he began to bark. Great! I tell him to knock it off and go away but he is determined that I am in great distress or being attacked, he is not quite sure but no it is just me trying to get in shape. I need to stop and put him away in his crate then as I head back I do start to laugh the poor dog cannot see except some shadows and all he can hear is me breathing heavy and gasping for air in between words from my songs. So as I continue on my quest for a healthy start to the New Year I am in the middle of singing "Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was Hot like me, don't cha wish your.." And a little voice from behind the couch comes and scares the crap out of me.."Mom that is really weird!! What is wrong with you?" And as I lose my step and almost fall over there is my 7 year old watching me in all my workout glory (I have probably given him nightmares for sure and he can add it to his list for his future therapist) I tell him to get out and stay out and let me finish! Between the da** dog and kids no wonder I still look three months pregnant!! And my baby is 4 years old! I try to stay focused and determined to finish this work out, but not even 30 seconds later I hear the voices from the other room "Your stupid, no your stupid! I am going to tell Mom, no I am going to tell Mom, I am going to hit you with this!" And then I hear crying..I head to the play room so annoyed and I yell "What is going on? I am really going to give you both something to cry about!" (I know add it to the list of why no MOTY for me) They both start to tell me it is the other ones fault and I do not want to hear it. I get them settled and head back to finish my work out and my 16 year old is in my spot playing his video games, and he looks at me confused "Oh were you watching TV?" I say no and just say forget it and walk away. It is 9 hours into the New Year and I have already given up on my workout and have yelled at my kids!!

It is going to be a long 364 more days!!! And I think I will put away my MOTY application!

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