Friday, December 30, 2011

If you did not drink wine!!

So my family by now knows my trademark saying is "I could have been mother of the year if...only if I .." but I was still shocked when the other day I was stating the usual and as soon as I finished my favorite line I was met with a a little voice behind me.."If you didn't drink wine!" I spun around to find my 7 year old son standing there looking at me with a smile! I wanted to be like who brought the funny guy.. Look who is a comedian today! The look on my face must have had him rethink his comment because he started to laugh a little nervous waiting for my response. I wanted to enlighten my young son that on the contrary me drinking my wine makes me a better Mom!:) But I file it in my mental notes looking forward to the day he is an adult with kids and calls to tell me they are driving him crazy and how did I ever do it with the three of them!!(that is where the wine, chocolate, secret escapes to the mommy spa come in.. Survival skills!)I tell my son Mom's and Dad's are allowed to have wine if they want or other adult beverages as as long as it is in a responsible manner and that is part of the rights as an adult. He laughs again and walks away.. He is probably thinking to himself "okay Mom if that helps you sleep at night!" Good lord these kids are getting way to smart now a days. I go back to the encouragement of talking and learning and getting so smart:)What were we thinking? My kids know me so well and I love how they draw pictures of me for Mother's day or other family pictures holding a glass of wine or a margarita on the beach for our family vacations. And gift ideas for me is a new wine glass or margarita glass, a nice martini glass ornament or my favorite which is the sign that says "I cook with wine and sometimes put it in my food!" I knew early on in my motherhood years that I would not break into the inner circles of the stepford moms (nor would I want to)when I would suggest we have mimosas with our mommy and me groups and I would get the looks that the authorities should be called and my poor children! I would laugh and say I was kidding because I was nervous they would really think I was crazy and report me, but 16 years and 3 kids later.. You learn not to care and you learn to be real! Honestly how long can you talk about baby poop, and diapers, which car seats are the best and the best baby snacks.. I became a Mom but I am still human! So I look back at how my wine drinking has kept me off the Mother of the year list..Good times! I think I knew I would be kept of that list after my first run in with my oldest son's t-ball team.. If anyone has gone through t-ball it is torture and this league had games every Friday night in June and some parents thought it would be fun to make it a 2 fold venue (I am sure I encouraged the idea) so it was decided to bring food and some adult beverages and sit on these nice summer Friday nights and watch our kids with little cookouts. Why not? We were not bringing in kegs and starting a rave! Okay I will admit in hindsight sometimes I do not use the best judgement , but seemed fun. Well when I received the mass email that went out to all the parents about how the league had found parents were doing this and it needed to stop immediately and if it were to happen again police would be called. I remember thinking one of the stepford parents tattled on us and I felt like I was back in high school caught at a party and the fun was over! And I probably ruined my son's chances of making the major leagues:) So I continue to drink my wine and stay out of the running for Mother of the Year! And I might not be asked to be on the PTO or help with the school fundraiser but if you need a Margarita Mom's club started or you want to join the dark side...I'm your Mom!

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