Sunday, December 18, 2011

Momma Bear Goes to Disney!!

One would think that being in the Happiest Place on Earth, life would be all magic and pixie dust sprinkled all over and people would be dancing in the streets. Okay not so much. There are mean people even in Disney! And apparently they did not get the memo that Momma Bear was also in the land where dreams come true!So we were setting off on a magical adventure and the kids were beyond excited!

I will admit there were some bumps along the candy cane lane and it was not all smooth sailing and meltdowns happen within all the magic. One of those meltdowns was explaining to my four year old daughter that she could not do every ride her brothers could and she was not happy about that at all. So I took her to get some popcorn and have some girl time and talk about how it was much cooler hanging out with her Mom then going on a ride with the boys. You know girls rule and boys drool, but she was not really buying it. Oh well the big tub of popcorn definitely brought a smile to her face and she was glad to have a break and eat some Disney popcorn, but of course just as we get the popcorn we have a code red I need to pee right at this exact moment. Never a dull moment so I race to a bathroom that I see and we put her stroller tucked nicely out of the way, completely out of the way and place her popcorn in the seat. (I did not want to bring the popcorn in bathroom and it was one of those panic situations that do not leave much time for clear thinking) Good thing we made it to the bathroom just in time, and we were in and out in like 3 minutes flat because my daughter was excited to get back to her popcorn. Her excitement was short lived!

As we walk out of the bathroom we are greeted with popcorn all over the ground and all over my daughters stroller and her tub of popcorn is spilled everywhere and her stroller has been moved from the spot we tucked it away. As my brain is trying to piece together what happened my daughter is crying and melting down that her popcorn is ruined. Then I look where the stroller had been because I was trying to figure out if it had rolled or did I forget to put the brake on? And as I look where I put my stroller there is a woman sitting there with her stroller now in place where mine was. As it all becomes crystal clear what happened and I am honestly shocked by the complete rudeness of this woman, I feel my teeth clenching and I am trying to get a grip on Momma Bear from making an appearance. I am so furious that this woman had the nerve to purposely take my stroller out of where I had it and move it completely somewhere else and in the process spill my daughters popcorn everywhere and not even attempt to pick it up or hide it, but just sat down. And she had the nerve to watch my poor daughter so upset about her popcorn being ruined and crying and not even say a word. I totally understand that things happen and if it was a total accident and someone was waiting for us to explain and apologize, then no big deal or I would have had more respect for the woman if she had realized what she did and ran before we came out. But no she sat there with her kids staring at me waiting to see if I dared to say anything to her. I am trying to calm  my daughter down and assure her we will go get more popcorn and all is good, but I am so irritated by this woman and I really want to pounce on her and claw her eyes out. (I know such Christmas cheer!) It takes everything in me not to end up on Moms gone wild! And I really did not want my husbands Christmas present to be me an overnight youtube sensation. So I gather myself together and decide to take the high road and set an example for my daughter. (Are you laughing yet?) As I pick up all the popcorn to throw away and get my daughter settled in her stroller she asks "Mom who would do something like that to my popcorn?" And as I see her sad face, Momma Bear cannot be contained anymore and I decide to answer my daughter in a clear loud voice for the woman to hear as I stare at her while getting my daughter ready to leave.."Unfortunately there are really mean ,rude people in the world who have no class or manners. I have taught you to always say please and Thank you and be nice to everyone, but some people were never taught that. And you should feel sorry for them because they are obviously on Santa's naughty list and will definitely be getting coal for Christmas!!" I know I am so mature! And as we start to leave my daughter says, "Wow being on the naughty list is not good, do you think they know they are on the naughty list?" And I answer "I think they know now!"

As I always mess with my cubs you will be messing with Momma Bear...Even in Disney!!

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