Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello! Who is this? Click..

I remember the first time I heard the sweet sound of my childrens voices and how cute it was when they started to babble and when they started to say "ma ma" or "da da". And how excited I would get and keep encouraging them to talk and clap and cheer when they repeated a word I was saying. What was I thinking? Good lord. Now I am like I cannot believe I encouraged this and make it stop! Not so cute anymore.

Okay so they have mastered talking and they want to share this gift with everyone which is why it is only natural for kids to want to talk on the phone. Again this is my fault and something I encouraged when it was cute. When I would have them say hello and there would be a grandparent or aunt on the other end thrilled to be a part of this momentous occasion.(oh so cute) Then we progressed into everytime I was on the phone I had a child trying to grab the phone from me because it was their turn. (not so cute)

So the talking thing is no problem, and now my 4 year old daughter has become a master in answering the phone and not because we want her to but because now she insists it is her job! Okay great, but as we try to explain to her that there are some guidelines to answering the phone, she does not care, she will answer the phone! It has become a competition at this point as to who can get to the phone first and she has pushed me, tripped me and basically done a double tuck roll to beat me to the phone. When she gets to the phone it goes something like this "Hello, who is this?" As I am there trying to get the phone from her grip and telling her not to hang up, most times too late. She thinks this game is so fun! Now in recent days she has graduated to answering and telling people she is home alone or that I am asleep and cannot come to the phone or I am busy drinking wine (which are not true). So I have tried to make sure when I am upstairs and she is downstairs and I will not have any chance of beating her to the phone I have moved phones out of her reach. I do not always remember to do this!

So as usual my mornings are insane with trying to make sure kids get ready for school, lunches are made, dog fed and on and on and on..Yesterday morning I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth and did not hear the phone ring with the water running and my daughter comes in with the phone and I hear her say "Okay bye." I ask her "Who were you talking to?" and she says "some lady" And I am like what where you talking about?  My daughter says "She was looking for you and I told her you were in the bathroom Pooping!" My heart stops and my brain is trying to process what she just said. I grab the phone to look at the caller ID praying it was one of my sisters but of course not. It was my doctors office calling to confirm an appointment. I am mortified! I ask Shae " Why would you tell her I was pooping! I was brushing my teeth!" She responds usual..typical Shae.."I thought it would be funny!"  And she runs away laughing. And I think to myself I cannot wait until she is a teenager and a boy calls for her and I tell him she cannot talk becuase she is pooping!(I know so mature)

So if you call my house and Shae answers...just hang up! and fast!

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