Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I see Dead People...and can you get me a juice box!

I have been a Mom for the last 16 years and I will never get used to the late night, wake me out of a sound sleep from a child lurking in the darkness next to your bed. I will never understand why my children cannot come in normal and just say"Mom!". I would still probably jump a bit at the sudden noice, but that would be so much better then the slither in, make their way next to my side of the bed and then just put their face right in front of mine and wait for me to finally wake to the feeling that someone is watching me. Then I jump everytime and my heart is racing out of my chest and my eyes are trying to adjust to the darkness of the room and there stands a little creature that finally announces themselves as one of my children. So annoying!

So last night was no different and as I am so tired and so comfortable in my bed, fast alseep, I am woken in true scare the crap out of me fashion by my 4 year old daughter. I awake to the same horrible feeling that someone is standing over me in the darkness watching me and try to focus my eyes and then comes a creepy raspy voice "Mom I need a juice box.." I am still focusing and I all I can think I heard is the voice of the boy from the sixth sense saying " I see dead people". I swear I am dreaming for a minute and the voice comes again out of the darkness "Mom I need a juice box.." I finally can focus and see my daughters face an inch from my face staring at me. My heart starts to slow down from thumping out of my chest and I tell her to...wait for it.."Get your own juice box" (I know..MOTHY..sending a 4 year old downstairs in the darkness by herself in the middle of the night..but at that moment..I meant it..) She looks confused and I say "Just get in the bed next to me and give me a minute." I pray the stalling tactic works tonight and she is half sleep walking and just passes out and goes back to sleep. I am not getting out of bed tonight..I am so tired..it is cold and I just don't want to!! (mommy tantrum in my head)

Then I drift back to sleep thinking this is getting ridiculous..I don't wake my kids once they are so comfy tucked in bed asking them to get me a glass of wine..:) and I don't wake them to let them know I have to get up and pee in the middle of the night, or that I heard a noice or to just talk middle of the night jibberish that makes no sense at all. I make a mental note to myself to start calling them in the middle of the night once they are adults to wake them and tell them when I get up to go the bathroom or if I am thirsty..I know I am so mature when I am exhausted.

In the midst of my mental meltdown in my head, I never noticed that my daughter was in my bed still waiting for her juice box and in her waiting she began to sing a song and kick her father on the other side and I guess I had been saying "Just a minute for the last ten minutes" He caved got up and went down to retrieve the juice box..came back and I say "I would have gone" I get the same look I would have given at that moment in the middle of the night. So I roll over in relief that for once I did not have to get out of my comfy bed, but drifted back to my sound sleep knowing that it was only a matter of time before I was woken again by the "I see dead people voice!!"

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  1. unfortunately, i too am blessed with that same sixth sense....except mine are too lazy to get out of bed. They just yell down the hallway in hopes of waking the entire household. 3 words for them--"Payback's a B*tch".