Sunday, October 30, 2011

Has it been 6 weeks already!!

I have friends that recently have had babies and friends that are having babies soon so I have been strolling down memory lane. Oh what memories they are!! But one of my all time favorites is the reaction the men in our lives have to a certain date..a certain appointment..a monumentous 6 week marker!! Can I get a woot woot!! Ugh...And we women are like no way..has it been 6 weeks already!!

It took me a little while to pick up on the signs that the 6 weeks was coming up but once you have had a couple of kids or more, it all becomes so clear. I always laughed at how attentive they become, flowers for no reason, favorite candy, some wine or random chores completed without even asking. Very odd behavior all of a sudden. And I love how the morning of the appointment they are like you all set? Do you need a ride? And I am like "Why are you so concerned?" "You were never this concerned when I went to all my other appointments!" I use to be like remember I have an appointment today and my husband was like "Okay..and then a pause...for what again?" We go for so many appointments for 9 months..sugar tests, blood work, ultrasounds, stress tests and more, but no other appointment is as important as the 6 week follow up!! I laugh so hard thinking of their concern, and it is real concern. What do they think the doctor is going to say? I know what the women wish they would say, but we couldn't be so lucky! So the appointment is pretty uneventful and the standard.."all looks you have any questions or concerns?" And I am like "are you serious? I have many concerns!! Where do you want me to start?" But actually I say nothing and just smile..and I always feel like the doctor is like okay that a girl now you go back out there and get em' like we have just been removed from the injured list of the team. Good lord!

So we make our way home and go about our business as usual hoping we are not asked how the appointment went and try to avoid eye contact but it is only a matter of time before the question comes "So what did the doctor say?" And I want to say "Oh it was not good..not looking good at all!! Doctor has never seen anything like it before, not sure it will ever be the same again..but no I just say..everything is fine." I keep laughing to myself, I give men alot of credit..nothing will deter them. And I mean nothing. Were they not in the same delivery room as us? Did they not see what came out of us and how it came out? Was it the sexy mesh hospital underwear and extra large maxi pads with tucks cooling pad combo? Or was it all the talk of uterus shrinking back to normal? Or maybe it is the Victorias Secret style nursing bras and milk soaked breast pads? Or the way you become a sprinkler system the minute you get to take a shower? Not sure but it is all so sexy and glamorous! Kind of funny what becomes fore play post kids!!

So girls enjoy....those 6 weeks fly by.....

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