Saturday, October 29, 2011

No it is suppose to look like that!!

Okay so let's go back to the beginning where this all began. Where I headed on the path of realizing that I could have been Mother of the Year if...only if I had not...So 16 years ago my first son was born and I had no clue what I was in for. As most new Mom's I read the famous book "What to Expect When you are expecting.." and don't get me wrong it is obviously successful selling millions of copies. but I need to say that I could never have expected this. Let me also preface that I was the youngest of 4 girls in a strict Irish Catholic household, so that alone had me even more unprepared for having a boy.

So I have my boy and we are heading home to start our journey together and the nurse at the hospital walks us to the car and her parting words to me were "Just remember you are not only raising a child but a future adult". I will never forget that, no pressure or anything. It was as if she knew something I did not at the time, but good lord lady I am already scared to death. I kept repeating that in my head on the ride home."Future adults" I was like I never thought of that! Now I am a wreck and praying at the time I don't end up on the Jerry Springer show thinking it is a surprise your Mom with a spa day but wham it is a confront your Mom with a you ruined my life!!

Okay we are home and getting settled in that first week and I felt I was really on top of things and loved that little boy so much, all would be good. But not so fast, I was changing his diaper one morning and was horrified, something was wrong. I could not imagine what happened, was it an infection? I was scared, not sure what to do and waited for the doctors office to open. I thought to myself , how do I explain this? I need to be strong for my son and I will have to be direct and to the point! I will just have to say it "I think there is something wrong with my son's p****" I am horrified, as I had mention my household was all girls and strict Irish Catholic so at best we talked in terms of wee wee's, whoo whoo's, thingies and down there. So now I am faced with talking about my son's p****. Good Lord!! Okay so the office opens and I explain what the problem is and they tell me to come right in to see the doctor.

As I sit and wait in the office for the doctor I am cuddling my baby telling him everything would be fine and Mommy was there. I was a nervous wreck! Okay moment of truth the doctor comes in and I lay him down on the table and as I explain my concerns, the doctor says "Let's take a look and see." As the doctor looks and then looks at me, I know something is wrong. The doctor looks confused and finally says "That is what a penis is suppose to look like. Nothing is wrong." My face turns bright red, my heart starts to race. I am mortified! The doctor makes a little small talk but the whole time he is looking at me and the look clearly says! "I would think by this time you would know what one looked like to be standing here with a baby?" I just want to crawl under a rock and get the heck out of there as soon as possible. I Thank him and gather my things and exit as fast as possible. As I get my son in his car seat I think, are they going to call DSS on me and report me? They must think that poor baby.. that mother has no clue!!

Needless to say I switched doctors that day and never returned to that embarassing! And my son has survived 16 years so far with me as his mother...not gonna lie..there have been some bumps in the road..

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