Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playdate at the House of Horrors!!

So my daughter is navigating her way through the mean streets of Kindergarten these days and hoping to make some friends along the way. I ask her each night at dinner who she has been sitting next to and who she talks to at the lunch table and who she runs around with at recess. The normal annoying Mom questions to try and investigate what is going on during the day. I am stopped by my oldest who is a Senior in High school and gives me the look like I already ruined his life and he tells me to lay off his little sister. He tells me, "Mom she is fine..let her just have fun." So I take the advice of the teenager and stop with my questions when my daughter says, "Oh I forgot to tell you Mom that I invited my friend over to meet Lady and play with her." I am still processing what she said and she continues, "I told her to have her Mom call you." And as she skips away all excited I am standing there thinking...great...just great!

So you might ask who Lady is? Good question. Lady is my daughters pet Ladybug. And one small detail is that Lady also happens to be Dead and has been for a long time. I am not sure how she is not dust by now but she is holding on strong. My daughter keeps her in a special ladybug jewlry box when she is not playing with her. I know this is all very normal..doesn't everyone have dead bugs for pets? So now my daughter is all excited to have her new friend over to meet Lady and spend an afternoon playing with her. And I can see me trying to explain to her mother who Lady is. She is probably thinking Lady is a cute dog or cat or perhaps even a cute hamster..but no..

I actually start to think of how I can make Lady look not so "Dead" and maybe put her on a piece of fresh lettuce and also maybe freshen up her red and black dots with markers (yes I did think this) and I am sure I can pull this over on my daughters friend and explain she is sleeping. It will all be good. Then I can just imagine when the mother comes to pick her daughter up and they want to show her Lady. I cannot wait...I can only imagine the look on her face and thinking what goes on in this house. She probably wonders what other dead things we keep around the house and that our basement probably has jars filled with all kinds of dead animals on shelves. Then we will get the polite frozen smile as she rushes her daughter out of the house and will break out the hand sanitizer once in the car. And I doubt we will be getting another call for playdates!

So it is early in the year and I can only hope that my daughter finds some friends with cool parents that don't mind letting their kids hang out in a House of Horrors and play with dead bugs! All the cool kids have dead pets!

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  1. My sisters and I played with all sorts of dead bugs!! We also made a game out of trapping them ;) Kids love that sort of thing!! LoL