Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am so Proud! That's my girl!

Having the title of Mom should also mean that nothing will shock you by now, but my kids love to still try! So the weather has been beautiful the last few days and we are having summer in March here in New England so that always means one thing....the dreaded Park! Yes the minute it is nice everyone and their kids go to the Park. Now I am not a fan of the Park as of I have mentioned before but it has been nice so we join the masses.

So we get to the Park last night and the kids take off running like animals that have been caged and were set free, and I think, well it is nice and my kids do not even want me, this could be a good thing. I am so silly when I have these thoughts of calm and bliss. So I notice a boy run over to my daughter all excited and they begin to play and I realize it is her friend from preschool so I look for his Mom to say Hello. I walk over to her to chat and relax as we keep an eye on the kids all running around. Then it happens!! I look over and my daughter is standing there with her skirt pulled up completely almost over her head showing her friend from preschool. I am standing there horrified and shocked as she catches my look and puts her skirt back down and runs off so I cannot get to her, because she knows that look and it is not good.  I love the conversations I have.."I am sorry my daughter exposed herself to your son.." (Glad these are taking place at 4 and not 16...I pray!) My friend laughed and said her son is always taking his clothes off, no problem. But I am still like it always seems to be my kid when it is a crowd and lots of people around and it is funny when it is not your kid. Great! So it is time to head back home and I have a chance to talk to my daughter in private and not make a scene.

So I start to explain to my daughter that she cannot lift up her skirt or shirt or dresses or anything when she is out in public because it is not right. So then my 7 year old son says "What is he your boyfriend??" And my daughter gets mad and says "No he is not, he is my friend that is a boy! And Mom I was showing him that I put little shorts on under my skirt so nobody could see my underwear when I climb up on things!" I again explain that she needs to keep her skirts down because her little shorts looked like underwear and it is not right in public. And my daughter continues "Mom I would never show my friends that are boys my underwear! I would only show my underwear if he was my boyfriend." I am thinking what the heck! This is not the Jersey Shore Show and where the heck is she getting these ideas. I again tell her "Friends or Boyfriends (when she is older) you do not lift up your skirt?" She then asks "Don't you show Daddy your underwear?" Good lord! I know I am so mature in these situations but I respond "No I do not show Daddy my underwear and keep your skirts down please!" She giggles and changes the subject.

I am back to not liking the Park....:)


  1. This SOOO sounds like something my 4 year old would do (or I am sure WILL do). Things like this ALWAYS happen at the park in front of others. The joys of motherhood!! Good job!!

  2. I swear, we have been having these same conversations for the past six (and a half?!) years with BOTH girls! In fact, last night, my youngest asked me if I was WEARING "undies" and when I answered yes, she said, "Good. "Cause no one wants your bare bottom on the sofa..."