Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't Mess with Momma Bear!

It would not be a day in my life without some kind of mommy drama, but it keeps things interesting for sure! So the weather continues to be unseasonably warm and my kids keep asking to go to the park quick at the end of the day. I know what you are thinking? Why would I put myself though that because we all know I do not have the best of luck at the park, but it is like returning to the scene of the crime. And I do not want to listen to my daughter wine and complain the whole night that we did not go to the park. So we go and I make it clear that it will not be long at all. it gets dark early now. As we enter it is total mayhem because everyone has the same idea. I take a deep breath and tell myself it will all be okay, I can do this! I had no idea what I was in for! And I thought OPK was bad, not even close.

So as I am helping my daughter on the monkey bars my 7 year old son walks around, climbs on some things and goes down the slide a few times. All is good in park land, or so I thought. I happen to notice a little boy maybe 2 or so talking to my son. It looks like he is asking my son to help him get on the spin around thing and being the sweetie my son is and always helping his little sister I see him say yes. I look to see if this boy's Mom is anywhere around, but I do not see anyone close by. I have my hands full with my daughter but I keep watching and as I watch my son gently help this little boy I am so proud of my him. My son starts to slowly spin the little boy and the little boy is laughing and then it happens! The little boy loses his grip and falls off, and my son goes to help him when finally out of nowhere his mother appears. She scoops up her son who is crying and then begins to point her finger at my son and starts to scold and yell at him. I could not believe this was happening and I was actually seeing this. I tell my daughter I have to get her down off the monkey bars and now my son is heading towards me and the look on his face made something inside of me snap. By this point he was shaking and started to sob and he wanted to leave immediately. I asked him what she said to him but he could not answer me because he was crying so hard and was scared. All he said was "Mom I was just trying to help him."

 At this point I am grinding my teeth so hard and trying to keep it together for my kids but my eyes must have been glowing red and fangs must have been starting to show by now because the primal mom has been unleashed and it is not pretty. There is something inside a Mom that when her child is threatened in any way it turns to the code of the wild and nobody messes with Momma Bear's cubs and it will be a fight to the death and I will claw her eyes out (I realize this seems extreme over a park incident but I snapped watching my sweet little boy crying) Also if this had happened to my daughter she would have probably told the lady to go "Bleep" herself. I am not proud of that, but she can handle herself. My son is very sweet and follows the rules and never would have talked back to an adult. I calm my son down and bring him to the car and tell him I will be right back. I shut the car door and look over towards the woman and I swear I did a head snap and was like "Oh no she didn't!" With a double finger snap! We might be in the suburbs but I was ready to get "Ghetto" on her "A**" I head towards the woman and try to remind myself I do not want to end up on the 11 o'clock news. I approach her and say "I hope your proud of yourself making a sweet little boy cry! He was trying to help your son because you were nowhere in sight and to busy drinking your ice coffee chatting with your friends. And how dare you yell at him and point your finger in his face!" And she says, "He is older and should know better, my son could have been really hurt." And I say "Then you should have been watching your son!" By this time I think there were parents gathering around and trying to see what was happening and I give one last mature glaring look and walk back to my car. I get in and tell my kids all is good and change the mood with some light chatter, but all I can think is I pray to God nobody got that on a camera phone and puts it on youtube and I become an overnight sensation "Mom's gone wild at the Park!" and please God let it snow soon so I do not have to return to the park until Spring!

I am not saying that I never yell at my kids and I am not proud of my mommy meltdowns, but nobody else will dare yell at my kids..that is my job! And the saying "It's a jungle out there!" So true!!

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  1. Maggie, good for you! I would've done the same thing. Poor Mikey :( I hope he's okay now!