Monday, November 7, 2011

When did Hot? Become a Hot Mess!

Tonight was one of those nights where I needed to run to the grocery store and had no energy, but I had no choice there was nothing for the kids school lunches tomorrow, so off I go. As I stand in line at the deli counter and wait my turn an elderly gentlemen walked by and gave me a strange look, not sure what that was about but at this point, like I care. Then it is my turn and the guy behind the counter was like "Can I help you?", and I give my order and he says "You sure that is all you need?" I start to think to myself "What does he mean by that, yes I am sure that is all I need." but I smile and nod yes. As he begins to put my order together I think back to the elderly gentlemen and this deli guy and their strange behavior towards me and as I ponder I look down and start to laugh at myself. No wonder!! I am a hot mess! I have on my husbands sweats that are covered in my dog's hair, my hair is pulled back in a not so glamorous pony tail with my daughter's Hello Kitty hair band, my teenagers football sweatshirt that does not match the sweats and my shoes that look like slippers. No wonder I am getting stares..I look like a crack addict let out on a 24 hour pass from rehab. As I take my deli order and walk away, I wonder what is worse, my appearance or that I really don't care. This is sad I know.

I remember growing up and being absolutely horrified by my mother and would want to die when she came outside the house with curlers in her hair. I would pray none of the neighborhood kids would see her and think she was nuts! And now my poor kids are probably thinking the same thing about me. It is amazing how times have changed and it is a good day if I manage to put on chapstick and style my hair. If I get a shower in everyday that does not mean I get a chance to shave my legs, it might mean I get one leg done and the other has to wait until the next shower. If I get a chance to iron an outfit for work that probably means no time to blow dry my hair that day. And if things get totally crazy and I mean fly by the seat of your pants crazy there could be an accessory thrown in!

So if you see me out and I look like a hot mess! I am well aware and yes I have turned into my mother and now I am the crazy Mom! No wonder my son wants me to pull over and park instead of dropping him off in front of the high school.

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